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Physical Therapy

For returning clients, our physical therapy sessions are designed to build on the progress you've made, with a strong focus on your personalized Plan of Care. This customized approach ensures that your treatment plan addresses any new or ongoing issues, tailored specifically to your evolving needs. By continually refining your Plan of Care, we aim to optimize your recovery and help you achieve long-term wellness.


Functional Training

For returning clients, our personal training sessions build upon the foundational work you've established, with a strong emphasis on your personalized Plan of Care. We continue to enhance your functional strength and refine everyday movement patterns to meet your evolving fitness and rehabilitative goals. Our approach adapts to your progress, incorporating targeted exercises to promote injury prevention and achieve lasting improvements in your functional fitness and overall well-being.


Medical Massage

For returning clients, our massage therapy sessions build on the relaxation and therapeutic progress you've achieved, focusing on your evolving needs. We integrate advanced clinical expertise with specialized massage techniques to continue addressing your specific goals in pain management and injury rehabilitation. By tailoring our approach based on your feedback and ongoing progress, we ensure precise targeting of problem areas, promoting both lasting therapeutic benefits and a deeper sense of relaxation and overall well-being.


Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna provides a rejuvenating space to enhance your overall well-being. By promoting relaxation, alleviating muscle and joint tension, and improving cardiovascular health, the sauna complements your ongoing physical therapy sessions. This synergy accelerates the body's natural healing processes, facilitating a quicker recovery and fostering a deeper sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. It supports your journey towards optimal health and vitality.


Compression Therapy

Compression therapy sessions build upon your progress, providing targeted support to enhance recovery and performance. Integrated with physical therapy, NormaTec's advanced technology promotes circulation, reduces swelling, and alleviates muscle soreness, facilitating faster healing and serving as a vital component for achieving optimal outcomes in your ongoing physical therapy sessions.

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